Friday, June 29, 2012

Beans N' Greens

On my last trip to whole foods I picked up a couple heads of baby bok choy.  I have wanted to create a recipe with these cute little creations for a while now, and I finally jumped on the opportunity.

Sautéed Baby Bok Choy with White beans and a Lemony Vinaigrette
For Beans
1/2 can of white beans
2 T Olive oil
2 T White vinegar
2 T Lemon juice
½ Onion Chopped (left raw)
~4 leaves fresh basil
~2 leaves fresh mint
½ Stevia in the Raw packet
Drain and rinse beans and set aside.  Chop onion and add to beans.  In a bowl, make your vinaigrette by mixing the remaining ingredients adjusting seasoning to taste.  Add vinaigrette to bean mixture, toss and place in refrigerator to marinate for at least 30 minutes. 

For Greens
2 Cloves Garlic, minced
2 heads baby Bok Choy, separated, and rinsed
~2 T Olive Oil
½ Cup Vegetable Broth (or water)
Since this was my first time cooking with bok choy, I found some wonderful instructions on the internet!
 Cut base of Bok Choy off, separate and rinse leaves.  
Heat ~1T olive oil in a large sauté pan or wok, add garlic and fry until fragrant.  Add the greens and thoroughly toss!  Pour in veggie broth, immediately cover, and cook for one minute.  Season with a pinch of salt
Toss beans n’ greens together in a bowl and serve!

This dish gives the beans a very light and summery feeling, as opposed to a spice laden vegan chili which is equally delicious, but not so nice with the rising summer temperature. 
Happy Vegan Challenge!

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