Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend in Boston

Friday and Saturday I was a good vegan, but Sunday dissolved into a to-die for pescatarian sandwich! 
Here are some stand out pictures from my weekend in Boston with my brother!

Lunch on Friday! Simple dressing of equal parts apple cider vinegar and olive oil, drizzle of honey, and salt and pepper to taste.  So easy it doesn't even require measuring.  Massage dressing into kale leaves, and top with segmented orange and raw fennel.

Normally I would pack Greek yogurt and honey in addition to my salad, but since I am thinking about becoming a vegan, I bought some soy yogurt instead.  I was hoping this would serve as a good protein source, but I was wrong!! Only 6 grams compared to over 20 I would be getting from Greek yogurt.  AND it had both fat and saturated fat when the Greek yogurt I buy usually buy has none! 

Friday night the bro and I headed to one of the local beaches for a picnic.  I packed a teriyaki tofu sammi and a crisp apple, which I ate in the car because the second we got there it started to rain!  Fortunately we stumbled upon the bar from Good Will Hunting, and we waited out the storm with a Sam Adams in true Bostonian style.  

On Saturday we headed into the city to walk the freedom trail, and do some sightseeing.  We stumbled upon a fabulous market in the North End, and snacked on fresh fruit as we trotted around the city. 
Unfortunately we got caught in ANOTHER down pour, and made a dash for the closest restaurant.  Cold and wet, we were happy to sit down for big bowls of warm Vietnamese soup.  I had some sort of curried pho with tofu, while the bro had an AMAZING fish stew with pineapple.  Sounds strange, but the sweetness made for an interesting flavor combination.
On Sunday we headed to a Red Socks game!  My other brother was nice enough to get us tickets, and we had a blast! Thanks Luke! 

After the game, we headed to Boston Beer Works.  I couldn’t decide what beer I wanted, so I opted for a tasting flight.  Blueberry, watermelon, Boston red, and bean nut brown were my flavors of choice and they were all fantastic!  I was torn between the Blueberry and the Boston Red as my favorite!

I also devoured an incredible scallop Po Boy, and since my vegan streak had been broken, I ate the last of the ice cream in my fridge as well.

After my not so vegan weekend, I am officially announcing the beginning of my 10 Day Vegan Challenge!

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