What is Wellness?

What's in a name?
The words "health" and "wellness" are always being tossed around by the media, but what do they actually mean? Some people think that wellness means eating right, or exercising.  Some may associate it with being skinny, or having a good job.  Wellness is dynamic, and personal.  It is a way of life that allows you live at your optimal level of performance. 
There are seven dimensions on the spectrum of wellness:

  • Physical: Being well in this category means exercising, upholding a nutritionally dense diet, respecting your body, getting adequate mounts of sleep, and avoiding risky behaviors.
  • Emotional: You must allow yourself to understand your own feelings, be in a general state of happiness as well as accepting your own limitations.
  • Intellectual: Intellectual wellness means continuing to learn, be creative, and solve problems.
  • Spiritual: This category does not necessarily mean being religious, but rather knowing that your life has a sense of purpose.
  • Social: Having confidence, being outgoing and friendly towards others.
  • Occupational: Pursuing a rewarding career that maximizes your skills and abilities.  
  • Environmental: The ability to make a positive impact on the environment that surrounds us.  

At The Name of Wellness, I strive to provide helpful information on all of the components of wellness and help you balance each component of the spectrum.  It is my hope that the images and words you find within this blog will help you to grow and learn as you continue through your journey to wellness. 

I am not a registered dietitian, or medical doctor.  My personal exercise program may not be suitable for others.  The content of this blog are based on my opinions, all sources will be peer reviewed and cited. Please consult your doctor before beginning any weight loss, diet, or exercise program. 

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