Friday, July 20, 2012

For Your Reading Pleasure

Greetings from the Name of Wellness!  So far on the blog I have talked a lot about food, and not a lot about the other components of wellness.   Here are some excellent articles regarding health and wellness which I would highly recommend checking out in between your weekend festivities.  Enjoy!

A seriously fantastic Q&A that very bluntly explains the lunacy of fad diets (lookin’ at you low carb craze) and how people need to look to SCIENCE for answers to their health/nutrition ailments.  I personally have very strong opinions about celebrities, trainers, and even doctors who create diets purely for their own income.  And YES I think Dr. Oz is an idiot who is essentially performing prostitution, i.e. going against what is ethically and morally right (as a scientifically trained medical doctor who knows what he is saying is garbage) in seek of fame and money.  Prostitute.

If this article doesn’t get you moving I don’t know what will!  After sharing some unique new statistics about the obesity rates in North America, the article goes on to explain how physical inactivity is just as dangerous as smoking or being severely over weight, even if you are otherwise “healthy”.  In fact, 5.3 million people die every year from diseases related to physical inactivity.  Time to get moving people, ANY physical activity helps!!

An interesting article about how weight loss surgery may not decrease health care costs in the long term like traditional weight loss can.  It is clear that more research needs to be done in this area.

A look at how schools are incorporating fresh fruits and veggies and whole grains into lower calories and lower sodium dishes.  It appears that school systems are (finally) headed in the right direction, but as the ending paragraph states, what you put on the plate is only a piece of the puzzle, kids have to actually eat the food to get the benefits. 

I am getting ready for my move to Colorado, and am trying to eat up all of my pantry staples! Here are nine vegetarian recipes, and one pescatarian (although easily adaptable to vegetarian) to help you cleanse your pantry AND your body! 

For the boyfriend who is hopefully reading this post as well as all of these articles, here is a link to the PERFECT fall boot.  My boyfriend/any generous person should know that I am a size 8 and prefer them in brown. 

Have a good weekend!!

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