Sunday, March 25, 2012

Smokey Salmon Burgers

Happy Sunday!

Sundays are those days when I wish I had a big family to cook for.  Ya know, strap on my apron and slave in the kitchen all day.  Problem is that its just me for now in my little apartment in the Boston Suburbs.  This is why I love having a freezer.

As a pescatarian (no meat but still eating fish) sometime I miss out on the great barbecue experience.  Don't get me wrong, sometimes it amazes me how people can still eat meat when I am enjoying my oh so delicious veggie burger or grilled 'shroom burger.  But when grilling season comes around, and I am living so close to the Massachusetts Bay, there is nothing like a good salmon burger.

Go ahead stomach, start grumblin'.

So here I am, slaving away in the kitchen making plenty of freezable burgers for a quick lunch or lazy dinner.  This is why I love Sundays.

Makes approximately 4 burgers 

1 can of sockeye salmon, drained*
2 oz (approximately 1/4 cup) smoked salmon*
2 T Greek Yogurt
1 T whole grain Dijon mustard
1 T capers
juice from 1/2 lemon
1/2 tsp dill
Salt and pepper to taste

Calories Per Burger: 135

*If you are salt sensitive, have high blood pressure, or are on a heart healthy diet I would NOT recommend using canned or smoked salmon because of the high sodium content.  Use a leftover filet of salmon instead, or a low sodium can if you find it! 

In a food processor, pulse canned and smoked salmon until flaky.  Do not blend until smooth! You want big flaky chucks of delicious fish.

Transfer to bowl, mix in the rest of the ingredients, and season to your liking

NOTE: Just want salmon salad?  Add 4 more T of Greek yogurt, 1 T horseradish, 1 T light mayo, chopped red onion and celery.  Or you could just mash up a pre-made burger over a salad of greens and call it a day.

Heat a skillet with  ~ 1 T of live oil over medium heat.  You want these babies to cook over medium heat so that we don't burn the edges.  Place each patty on the skillet, for ~4 minutes, flip, and cook the other side.

Assemble burger with bun (or TJ's whole wheat sandwich thin) and toppings of your liking.  I chose Spinach, cucumbers, onion, Dijon mustard and ketchup.

Insert sandwich into mouth, and be happy you made enough to freeze for future.


  1. That burger looks amazing!!! I wish I was as smart as you with food and ingredients!!

  2. I saw that I had some traffic from your blog, so I had to come check it out. We have emailed back and forth before, right? :)

    I absolutely love your story and your thoughts on what wellness means. I agree that wellness is very personal and it certainly has many facets. In my opinion, the physical aspect of wellness is only a small portion of it. :)

    Also, your burgers sound delicious! I don't eat salmon, but I imagine that beans/tempeh/tofu would be a good substitute in this recipe.

    1. Yes we have emailed back and forth!

      You are one of the many blogs that inspired me to start my own! Keep checking back for more recipes and thoughts on wellness. I am SO happy that you checked this little recipe out!